VAZ 2115

VAZ-2115 "Lada Samara" — the four-door front-wheel sedan of development of the Volga Automobile Plant. It is produced since 1997 in lots. The car enters a line of the Lada Samara family.

VAZ-2115 became the firstborn from a ruler under the conditional name "Samara-2" which represents deep modernization of models of family Satellite/the Samara. VAZ-2115 represents the restyling VAZ-21099 model. The new model differs from the predecessor in the new trunk lid, a new lobby and back optics, bumpers painted in color of a body, a luggage carrier spoiler with an additional stoplight, a fairing of thresholds, moldings of doors, and also new salon and the upgraded electric equipment. Originally in plans of modernization of the range Samara-2 there was a change not only an exterior of a body and finishing, but also improvement of a suspension bracket, transmission and the brake system. However, finally, all these knots were borrowed from the Samara-1 family without any considerable changes. What allowed to reach high extent of unification with the "ninth" family. But the realized appearance improvements, did the car obviously good. The car received more streamline shapes thanks to what the angular outlines of an exterior characteristic to the first generation Samar consigned to the past. Loading of things in a luggage carrier became much more convenient — now loading height is at the level of a bumper. And more perfect injector engine develops big power, spends less fuel and quicker gets warm. Besides, the electronic control system of the engine watches the level of toxicity of exhaust gases.

Electric equipment was also improved. Now are included in the package of the car: electrowindow regulators of forward doors, and also fog lights and heating of seats (only on "luxury" modifications). On all options of execution the onboard control system allowing to lay behind a condition of correct work of lamps, by the oil level, wear of brake shoes, and level of the cooling and washing liquids, directly from a driver's seat is provided.

On trial modifications of VAZ-2115 (from 1997 to 2000) carburetor VAZ-21083 engines with a working capacity of 1499 cubic cm and 71,6 hp were installed. Since 2000 when the car was started in mass production, on it began to install VAZ-2111 engines new at that time with the distributed injection of fuel, with a working capacity of 1499 cubic cm and 77,8 hp. And since 2008 the VAZ-2111 engine replaced newer, advanced, injector VAZ-11183 engine, with uvelichnny to 1596 cubic see working volume and 80,9 hp. At the moment VAZ-2115 is in broad sale across all Russia. Two main complete sets are provided: "standard" and "luxury".

At first the "related" VAZ-21099 and VAZ-2115 cars were issued at the plant in parallel. So far in 2004 the fifteenth model completely replaced with itself VAZ-21099.

In 2008 VAZ-2115 underwent cosmetic changes in appearance slightly closer to correspond to criteria modern avtombilny fashion. So for example the old wide molding on car doors painted from the plant in gray color gave way to new, narrow moldings in color of a body (called in the people "euro-molding"). And moldings on a front and rear bumper began to be painted from the plant in color of a body that visually improved a car exterior.