9.2.3. Body

Fig. 9.52. Removal of a door of a back: 1 – back door clamp; 2 and 4 – laying; 3 – loop; 5 – carving opening; 6 – gas-filled emphasis of a door; 7 – buffer; 8 – lamp of illumination of registration plate; 9 – lock

Body of the hatchback car, the bearing design, five-door, all-metal, welded. Side doors with lowering glasses. The door of a back opens up and is fixed by two gas-filled emphasis of 6 (fig. 9.52). On a door of a back the cleaner and a washer of back glass is established. The back seat develops that allows to increase a luggage compartment considerably.
Due to the change of a design of a back the design of a back floor, panels of sidewalls and a roof, a back window changed. Methods of replacement and repair of these knots and details remain the same, as for the VAZ-2115 car.

Removal and installation of a door of a back

Fig. 9.53. Scheme of washers of glasses of the VAZ-2114 car: 1 – tank; 2 – arm; 3 – sensor of the index of level of liquid; 4 – stopper; 5 – washer pump; 6 – back door glass washer hose; 7 – back door glass washer jet; 8 – windshield washer jet

For removal of a door of a back remove the screen wiper lever, disconnect a hose of 6 (fig. 9.53) from a jet of a washer of back glass, disconnect electric wires, open a door to the full, twist fingers of an emphasis 6 (see fig. 9.52) from carving openings 5 and remove an emphasis.
Holding a door, turn out bolts of fastening of mobile links of loops 3 to a body, remove an emphasis and a door assembled.

Fig. 9.54. Back door lock: 1 – bolt of fastening of a clamp; 2 – front cross-piece; 3 – clamp; 4 – hook spring; 5 – hook; 6 – lock case; 7 – lock drive cylinder; 8 – back door; 9 – doorway sealant

If there was a need, then remove a door upholstery, the lock (fig. 9.54) and a screen wiper.
Carry out installation of a door upside-down.
In need of adjustment of provision of a door in an aperture of a body weaken nuts of motionless loops and at the expense of the increased openings in a body adjust gaps on door perimeter. Upon termination of adjustment wrap nuts.
If the door of a back is closed too hardly, then weaken fastening of a clamp 3 and at the expense of the increased openings displace it in the necessary situation. Before adjustment it is recommended to outline clamp contours on a body. Upon termination of adjustment wrap bolts of its fastening.