9.1.4. Removal and installation of the power unit

You make removal and installation of the power unit in the following order.
Put the car on the elevator and slow down it the parking brake. Establish an emphasis under back wheels, hang out forward wheels and open a cowl.
Lift the car on the elevator and remove an engine mudguard, having turned off bolts of its fastening to a body.
Merge cooling liquid, having turned off drain traffic jams of the block of cylinders and a radiator at uncovered a broad tank and the open crane of a heater.
Merge oil from the transmission, having turned off a drain stopper.
Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the rechargeable battery. Disconnect wires from the knots of electric equipment established on the power unit.
Disconnect a weight wire from the power unit, having turned off a nut of fastening of a tip of a wire to the engine.
Remove the air filter, having disconnected a hose of system of ventilation of a case from a cover of a head of cylinders, and a hose of supply of warm air from a zabornik of warm air. Close the carburetor from above a technological cover.
Disconnect from the fuel pump a fuel supply hose, and from the carburetor a fuel discharge hose (if it is available on the car). Disconnect a vacuum hose from the vacuum amplifier of brakes.
Disconnect hoses from a branch pipe of a head of cylinders and the thermostat.

Fig. 9.3. Carburetor drive: 1 – sector of the drive of butterfly valves; 2 – returnable spring; 3 – arm of a cable of the drive of butterfly valves; 4 – cable of the drive of butterfly valves

Remove a returnable spring of 2 (fig. 9.3) and disconnect from the engine a cable 4 drives of butterfly valves of the carburetor.
Disconnect a coupling drive cable from the transmission.
Further operation on removal of the power unit are carried out in the order described in section 2.
Install the power unit as it should be, the return to removal. After connection of the drive of butterfly valves to the carburetor adjust it as it is described in the head "Carburettor". Also adjust the coupling switching off drive as directed the subsection "Coupling" in section 3. Check and adjust the angles of installation of forward wheels (see the subsection "Forward Suspension Bracket" in section 4).

Before connection of shaft of the drive of forward wheels with the transmission establish new lock rings on tips of internal hinges. Reuse of lock rings is inadmissible as it can lead to a spontaneous detachment of shaft from the transmission at the movement of the car.