9.1.16. Engine cooling system fan electric motor

Fig. 9.39. Scheme of connections of a plait of wires of contactless system of ignition: 1 – spark plugs; 2 – ignition sensor distributor; 3 – ignition coil; 4 – switchboard; 5 – control unit of the electromagnetic valve of the carburetor; 6 – electromagnetic valve of the carburetor; 7 – trailer switch of the carburetor; 8 – ignition switch; 9 – assembly block; 10 – speed sensor; 11 – engine cooling system fan electric motor; 12 – sensor of turning on of the electric motor of the fan; And — blocks for connection with a forward plait of wires; B — the scheme of conditional numbering of plugs in blocks of the sensor distributor of ignition and the sensor of speed; In — to power supplies; — to a combination of devices (a signal for a tachometer); Е — to a combination of devices (a signal for a speedometer)

On cars with the carburetor engine the electric motor 11 (see fig. 9.39) the fan of the cooling system of the engine turns on the sensor 12 of type 9030330 which is screwed in the right tank of a radiator. Temperature of short circuit of contacts of the sensor (99±2) °C, and disconnections (94±2) °C.
On the cars equipped with a control system of the engine (system of injection of fuel), the electric motor turns on the controller of a control system of the engine. In this case the sensor in a radiator is not installed.
The characteristic of the electric motor see in section 7 in subsection. "Engine cooling system fan electric motor".