9.1.1. Carburetor engine

Fig. 9.1. Longitudinal section of the engine 21083-60

Fig. 9.2. Engine 21083-60 cross-section

On a part of the released VAZ-2115 cars the carburetor engine 21083-60 (fig. 9.1 and 9.2) is installed. With system of injection of the fuel described in section 2 it differs from the engine in a power supply system, a design of the inlet pipeline and a final collector, the cooling system, system of production of the fulfilled gases and use of contactless system of ignition. Besides, on this engine others are applied the generator and a starter.
The malfunctions characteristic of the carburetor engine are given in this section features of removal and installation, dismantling and assembly of the engine, feature of the device and repair of its original systems are described.
The device and repair of a mechanical part of the engine and lubrication system does not differ from described in section 2.