8. Body

Features of the device
 Possible malfunctions, their reasons and methods of elimination
Repair of a framework of a body
 Editing of the damaged body
 Repair of the deformed surfaces of details
 Removal and installation of a forward wing
Paint and varnish coverings
 Body repaint synthetic enamel
 Coloring of separate details
Anticorrosive protection of a body
 Preparation and anticorrosive processing of the hidden cavities
 Restoration of an anticorrosive and antinoise covering of a bottom of a body and arches of wheels
Sealing of a body
 Removal and installation of a forward door
 Dismantling and assembly of a forward door
 Adjustment of the lock of a forward door
Cowl, trunk lid, bumpers
 Removal and installation of a cowl
 Removal, installation and adjustment of provision of a trunk lid
 Removal and installation of bumpers
Body glazing
 Replacement of a windshield, glasses of sidewalls and back window
 Prikleyka of a plate of fastening of an internal rear-view mirror
Dashboard, seats
 Removal and installation of the dashboard
 Snyatiye installation of seats
 Removal and installation of a heater
 Dismantling and assembly of a heater
Windshield washer