8.9.1. Removal and installation of the dashboard

For removal of the dashboard disconnect a wire of "weight" from the rechargeable battery. Turn out screws of fastening and remove a facing casing of a shaft of steering and the switch of ignition, having disconnected from it wires. Remove handles from control levers a heater and the handle of the hydroproofreader of headlights.

Fig. 8.27. Dashboard and its accessories: 1 – dashboard; 2 – overlay of the dashboard; 3 – arm; 4 – cap; 5 – ashtray; 6 – the cross-piece is right; 7 – console screen right; 8 – dashboard guard; 9 – the arm is central; 10 – console screen left; 11 – the cross-piece is left

Unscrew screws and disconnect from the guard console screens — left 10 and right 7 (fig. 8.27). Turn off screws of fastening of a combination of devices to the panel, fastenings of a guard to a cross-piece 6. Take out a decorative cap 4 and turn out the screw of fastening of a guard to the dashboard. Remove a dashboard guard assembled with the lighter, switches of lighting of devices, the alarm system, fog lamps and heating of back glass. Disconnect electric wires.
Remove the dashboard 1 assembled with a slip 2, having turned out four screws of fastening it to arms 3 and 11.
If necessary turn out screws and remove an overlay of the dashboard, and also air ducts and nozzles of heating and ventilation of salon.
You make installation of the dashboard upside-down.