8.8.2. Prikleyka of a plate of fastening of an internal rear-view mirror

At installation of a new windshield it is necessary to paste a plate of fastening of a rear-view mirror previously. For providing a reliable prikleyka works are recommended to be performed at service station of cars.
Purify an edge or an ostrozatochenny knife glass in the place of a prikleyka of a plate. The plate has to settle down on a car axis, its bottom has to be at distance of 105 mm from the top edge of glass.
Degrease the place of a prikleyka ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. Apply with a brush on glass to the place of a prikleyka the LT-736 activator, and on a plate surface 1–2 drops of LT-317 glue and press a plate to glass for 1–1,5 min.
In 24 h after a prikleyka put a rear-view mirror into place.
At control of durability of a prikleyka the plate should not come off under the influence of the load of 300 N (30,6 kgfs) enclosed perpendicularly the surfaces of glass during 15 pages.