8.8.1. Replacement of a windshield, glasses of sidewalls and back window

Fig. 8.24. Removal of a windshield

To take out the damaged windshield, remove levers of screen wipers, fill sealant edges above for a flange of an aperture of a body and, pressing the top corners of glass, squeeze out it outside. At the same time the assistant has to support glass outside (fig. 8.24).
Remove a sealant from glass.
Carry out installation of a windshield as follows:

Fig. 8.25. Windshield sealant: 1 – rubber sealant; 2 – windshield; 3 – window aperture flange

– wash out water grooves of a sealant of 1 (fig. 8.25) and blow compressed air;
– put on a sealant glass;
– grease a groove of a sealant by which it is established on a body flange, glycerin or soap water;

Fig. 8.26. Installation of a windshield: 1 – a cord for glass installation; 2 – sealant

– by means of the screw-driver enclose a cord of 1 (fig. 8.26) in a groove;
– establish glass in an aperture of a body and then, pulling the ends of a cord 1 of a sealant in a body, achieve that glass with a sealant 2 sat down on the place. At the same time the assistant has to press slightly on glass outside. If glass is not established, check the body aperture sizes, using glass without sealant. Eliminate deviations of the sizes of an aperture with a rikhtovka.
Carry out replacement of glasses of a back window and sidewalls similar to replacement of a windshield.