8.7.1. Removal and installation of a cowl

Fig. 8.19. Details of a cowl and lock: 1 – cowl loop; 2 – buffers; 3 – cowl; 4 – hook; 5 – hook spring; 6 – hook axis; 7 – probe; 8 – lock spring; 9 – a cover with draft of the lock; 10 – handle axis; 11 – lock handle; 12 – draft cover plug; 13 – a cover with draft of the lock; 14 – cowl emphasis plug

The cowl of 3 (fig. 8.19) is hung on loops 1 on the rear edge of a front of a body. In a forward part the cowl lock with the hook 4 protecting from opening of a cowl at the movement of the car is put. In open situation the cowl is kept by a metal emphasis 13.
The lock drive hummock with the handle 11 of the lock located in salon on the left side under the dashboard.
For removal of a cowl disconnect a windshield washer tube from a tee and electric wires from a podkapotny lamp. Turn off four bolts of fastening of loops to a cowl and remove it from a body.
At installation of a cowl before final tightening of bolts of fastening adjust its situation so that it had identical gaps with the right and left wing.
If the lock unreliably locks a cowl, then weaken a lock-nut of fastening of the probe 7 and, displacing the probe at the expense of the increased opening in a cowl, achieve its coaxiality with a lock nest.
For ensuring reliable blocking of the probe with a spring 8, and also elimination of a vystupaniye or sticking of a front surface of a cowl find its necessary situation, rotating the probe. After adjustment wrap a lock-nut.