8.6.3. Adjustment of the lock of a forward door

Крепление замков и ручек передней двери
Fig. 8.17. Fastening of locks and handles of a forward door: 1 – internal handle of a door; 2 – forward door; 3 – draft of the internal drive; 4 – button; 5 – external handle of a door; 6 – handle key; 7 – lock larva; 8 – handle sealant; 9 – draft of the button; 10 – draft of the external drive; 11 – lock switch lead; 12 – draft of a lead of the switch of the lock; 13 – lock clamp finger; 14 – lock clamp case; 15 – the lock is external; 16 – the lock is internal; 17 – draft of a motor-reducer; 18 – motor-reducer of blocking of the lock of a door

Before adjustment of the lock it is recommended to outline contours of a clamp 14 (see fig. 8.17) on a body rack.
If the door is closed too hardly, weaken screws of fastening of a clamp, displace it outside and tighten screws. If the door is closed leaky, displace a clamp inside. At the same time there should not be a sticking or a vystupaniye of a door concerning a body.
If the door when closing rises (sagging in open situation), lower a clamp.