8.6.1. Removal and installation of a forward door

Fig. 8.13. Interior of a forward door: 1 – button of switching off of the lock; 2 – door upholstery; 3 – armrest handle; 4 – internal handle of a door; 5 – external rear-view mirror; 6 – bolts of fastening of a door; 7 – limiter of opening of a door; 8 – electrowindow regulator switch; 9 – door upholstery pocket; 10 – cat's eye; 11 – external lock of a door

For removal of a forward door turn out screws of fastening of an eye of the limiter 7 (fig. 8.13) to a forward rack of a body and bolts of the 6th fastening of loops and remove a door. At the same time the assistant has to support a door.
Carry out installation of a door upside-down. Before final tightening of bolts adjust gaps between a door and a body.