8.2.3. Removal and installation of a forward wing

Fig. 8.7. Removal of a forward wing: 1, 2 and 3 – points of fastening of a wing

For removal of a wing take out a cartridge with a lamp of the index of turn. Turn out the self-cutting screws of fastening of a wing to a body: four screws 2 (fig. 8.7) on the top flange, on one screw 1 in front below and behind below, two screws 3 fastenings to a forward rack (under a wing). At impossibility to turn out the forward screw turn out previously two screws of fastening of the relevant party of a bumper to a body and for access to the specified screw of fastening of a wing, having raised a bumper, take a little aside an overlay of a bumper.
Carefully disconnect a wing and remove the isolating laying from places of contact of a wing with a mudguard. Remove the index of turn from a wing.
Carry out installation of a wing in the return sequence. The isolating laying it is recommended to establish new. Before final tightening of screws at the expense of the increased openings adjust a wing on gaps and a vystupaniye with other elements of a body.
After replacement of a wing apply an anticorrosive covering on its internal surface.