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8.11. Windshield washer

Омыватель ветрового стекла
Fig. 8.33. Windshield washer: 1 – windshield washer reservoir; 2 – arm of fastening of a tank; 3 – screw; 4 – sensor of the index of level of liquid; 5 – tank stopper; 6 – delivery pump; 7 – a hose from the pump to a jet; 8 – tee; 9 – washer jets

The scheme of a washer of a windshield is shown in fig. 8.33. It consists of a tank of 1 washer, the delivery pump 6, the sensor 4 indexes of level of liquid, a hose 7, a tee 8 and jets 9.
The delivery pump 6 in case of malfunction is subject to replacement. Replace a faulty jet as follows:
– squeeze latches of the plastic case;
– pick up it from above the flat screw-driver and, overcoming resistance, take out a jet assembled with a spray;
– disconnect a tube of removal of liquid
At installation of a new jet insert it sharply the case into a body opening.
Adjust the direction of a stream of liquid change of provision of a spray in a case nest. For this purpose insert a needle into an opening of a spray of a jet and accurately turn a spray that the stream of liquid got to a necessary zone of glass.