8.1. Features of the device

Possible malfunctions, their reasons and methods of elimination

Body of the sedan car, the bearing design, four-door. Side doors with lowering glasses. Glasses of doors and sidewalls bent, polished, tempered. The windshield is three-layer, polished.
In front and behind the body has plastic bumpers with aluminum beams. Forward wings removable.
Front seats separate, with the head restraints regulated on height and a tilt angle. Seats have adjustment of an inclination of a back and can move along salon for convenient landing of the driver and the passenger.
Front seats have seat belts with inertial coils.
The interior of the car is equipped with the power absorbing dashboard. On the dashboard the combination of devices, an ashtray, the radio receiver or a box for small things, a ware box, the shelf, the lighter is established.
The system of ventilation and heating of salon provides air supply on a windshield, in the central part of salon and to legs of forward and back passengers. Air for ventilation and heating comes to salon from an airinflow box through a heater. The system of heating of salon is connected to the engine cooling system.