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7.7.3. Removal and installation of screenwash

Repair of a cleaner consists in the basic in editing of the deformed drafts and levers or replacement with their new. The faulty motor-reducer is recommended to be replaced new. From repair work on a motor-reducer only replacement of a gear wheel of a reducer, cleaning of a collector and adjustment of the trailer switch is allowed.
For removal of a cleaner:
– remove brushes with levers, open a cowl and disconnect wires from the rechargeable battery, a motor-reducer of a cleaner and the fan of a heater;
– uncover the assembly block and take out from it all relays;
– remove the heater fan;
– turn off nuts of axes (unions) of levers and remove washers with leveling laying;
– turn off a bolt of fastening of an arm of the drive of a motor-reducer and remove a cleaner.
If it is necessary, then on a workbench remove a motor-reducer from an arm and disconnect drafts.
Establish a cleaner in the sequence, the return to removal.