7.6. Sound signal

On cars the sound signal of type 20.3721 is established. It is in a motor compartment and fastens on the amplifier of the panel of a frame of a radiator.

Схема включения звукового сигнала
Fig. 7.26. Scheme of inclusion of a sound signal: 1 – sound signal; 2 – assembly block; 3 – switch of a sound signal; K6 – the relay of inclusion of a sound signal; And — to power supplies

The scheme of inclusion of a sound signal is shown in fig. 7.26.
If force of sounding of a signal decreases or will appear rattle, adjust a signal turn of the screw on its case in this or that party before receiving a loud and pure sound.
If the signal does not join, then check reliability of connection of wires and a condition of contacts of the switch.