7.5.5. Hydroproofreader of headlights

The hydroproofreader of headlights consists of the main cylinder fixed on the dashboard, the executive cylinders installed on block headlights and connecting tubes. Cylinders and tubes are filled with the special liquid which is not freezing at low temperatures. The hydroproofreader's design non-demountable and in case of damage the hydroproofreader is replaced entirely, assembled with cylinders and tubes.
If the tilt angle of light of headlights increased and the adjusting screw on a block headlight did not possible to normalize it, then check whether there is no liquid leak from cylinders or the hydroproofreader's tubes. Remove executive cylinders from block headlights and check the working course of rods which has to be (7±0,5) mm.
For replacement of the damaged hydroproofreader disconnect collars of tubes from brackets of fastening of wires. Remove the handle from the main cylinder and turn off a nut of its fastening to the dashboard. Disconnect executive cylinders from block headlights and push them with a sealant in interior of the car. The new hydroproofreader establish as it should be, the return to removal.