7.5.4. Replacement of lamps

Block headlights

Fig. 7.23. Adjusting screws of block headlights: 1 – the screw of adjustment of a beam of light in the vertical plane; 2 – the screw of adjustment of a beam of light in the horizontal plane; 3 – screws of fastening of a casing; 4 – protection cover

Fig. 7.24. Headlight lamps: 1 – boss of a lamp of the side index of turn; 2 – lamp of head light; 3 – spring latch; 4 – block; 5 – the boss with a lamp of dimensional light

For replacement of a lamp of head light remove a casing 4 (see fig. 7.23), having unscrewed screws 3 fastenings. Then bring short moustaches of a spring latch of 3 (fig. 7.24) out of grooves and remove a block 4 assembled with a lamp 2.
When replacing lamps of headlights work in gloves that on glass of a lamp there is no fatty trace left from fingers. If such traces on a lamp are available, then remove them with alcohol. It is necessary for the reason that in headlights halogen lamps at which the flask heats up to high temperatures are applied, and fatty traces will lead to darkening of a flask and a bystry exit of a lamp out of operation.
To replace a lamp of dimensional light in a headlight, take out from an optical element a cartridge 5 assembled with a lamp, accurately press a lamp, turn it counterclockwise and take out from the boss.
For replacement of a lamp of the forward index of turn remove a block from the boss, turn a cartridge 1 assembled with a lamp counterclockwise and take out it from a nest.
Side indexes of turn
For replacement of a lamp remove the side index of turn from a forward wing. In a nest the index is kept by spring clamps. Then remove a protective rubber cap, take out a cartridge assembled with a lamp from the case of the index and take a lamp.
To replace a lamp in a plafond of illumination of salon, accurately on the center from sides press on the lens and remove it.
Back lamps
Replace lamps from the luggage compartment for what remove the protection cover, wring out clamps of fastening of the basis and take out it assembled with lamps.
Lamps of illumination of registration plate
For replacement of a lamp remove a lamp from the car, having unscrewed fastening screws, and then remove the lens, having wrung out a latch of the lens to the center of a lamp.