7.5.2. Possible malfunctions, their reasons and methods of elimination

Cause of defect
Elimination method
Separate lamps of headlights and lamps do not burn
1. Safety locks fused
1. Check, replace safety locks
2. Threads of lamps fused
2. Replace lamps
3. Oxidation of contacts of switches or relay
3. Smooth out contacts
4. Damage of wires, oxidation of their tips or weakening of connections of wires
4. Check, replace the damaged wires, smooth out tips
5. Oxidation of contact crossing points on an installation site of the relay of control of lamps
5. Check, smooth out contact crossing points
Levers of the understeering switch are not fixed
Destruction of clamps of levers
Replace the damaged switch
Indexes of turn are not switched off automatically after the end of turn
Damage of the mechanism of return of the lever of the switch of indexes of turn to a starting position
Replace the switch of indexes of turn and light of headlights
The control lamp of indexes of turn blinks with the doubled frequency
One of lamps of indexes of turn fused
Replace a lamp
Fogging of the lens of a block headlight
1. Leakage in the place of gluing together of the lens with the case
1. Muffle a drainage opening (if is available) in the lower part of the case and lower a block headlight disseminate-vatelem in water. At penetration of water replace a block headlight
2. Hit of water from a motor compartment at a wash of the car
2. Remove moisture from a block headlight