7.4.6. Check of technical condition of details

Check the megohm meter or by means of the lamp fed by voltage of 220 V whether there is no short circuit of a winding of an anchor on "weight".
Tension through a lamp is brought to plates of a collector and to the anchor core. Burning of a lamp indicates short circuit of a winding or plates of a collector with a weight. When checking by the megohm meter it has to show resistance not less than 10 kOhm. Replace the anchor having short circuit with "weight".
The special device check whether there are no short circuits between sections of a winding of an anchor or plates of a collector, and also whether there are no breaks in the place of a pripayka of conclusions of sections of a winding to collector plates.
Examine a working surface of a collector. If it is polluted or burned, then smooth out it a fine-grained grinding skin.
The drive of a starter has to freely, without noticeable jammings to move on a shaft. The gear wheel has to be turned concerning a drive shaft in the direction of rotation of an anchor under the influence of the moment no more than 0,27 N · by m (2,8 kgfs · cm). In the opposite direction the gear wheel should not be turned. If on a zakhodny part of teeths of a gear wheel there are zaboina, then polish them a fine-grained emery circle of small diameter.
If details of the drive are damaged or are considerably worn-out, replace the drive new.
Covers and support
Check whether is not present on a cover from the drive of cracks. If they are available — replace a cover new. Check a condition of inserts of a back cover, support of shaft and the plug of a case of coupling. If they are worn-out, then replace inserts or support and a back cover assembled with inserts. Replace the coupling case plug.
Brush holder
Check reliability of fastening of the brush holder on a back cover. Brushes have to move freely in grooves of brush holders. The distance from a brush conclusion to a working edge has to be not less than 3,5 mm. If brushes are worn-out stronger, then they need to be replaced.
Traction relay
Check ease of movement of an anchor of the relay. Check an ohmmeter whether contact bolts of the relay a contact plate become isolated. If contact bolts do not become isolated, then disassemble the relay and smooth out contact bolts a fine-grained skin or a flat velvet file.
Check a condition of teeths of gear wheels and needle bearings of planetary gear wheels, replace the damaged gear wheels and bearings.