7.4.5. Dismantling and assembly

Dismantling of a starter is carried out in the following order.

Fig. 7.17. Starter details: 1 – a cover from the drive; 2 – sealing laying; 3 – lever arm; 4 – anchor of the traction relay; 5 – traction relay; 6 – "negative" brush; 7 – laying; 8 – back cover; 9 – brush clamp; 10 – "positive" brushes assembled with the connecting tire; 11 – brush holder; 12 – stator; 13 – anchor; 14 – coupling hairpin; 15 – anchor shaft support; 16 – central gear wheel; 17 – planetary gear wheel; 18 – a drive shaft with vodily; 19 – a gear wheel with internal gearing; 20 – sealing ring; 21 – a drive shaft support with an insert; 22 – lock ring; 23 – drive assembled; 24 – restrictive ring; 25 – lock ring

Turn off a nut on lower contact to a bolt of the traction relay 5 (see fig. 7.17) and disconnect from it a conclusion of "positive" brushes. Unscrew screws of fastening of the traction relay and remove it. Disconnect an anchor of 4 relays from the drive lever.
Turn off nuts of coupling hairpins 14 and disconnect from the stator case a back cover 8 with the brush holder 11. If necessary it is possible to remove the brush holder, having unscrewed two screws of its fastening to a cover. To take out from the brush brush holder with springs, it is necessary to remove clamps 9.
Disconnect the stator 12 with an anchor 13 and a support 15 of a shaft of an anchor from a cover 1 from the drive. Remove the central gear wheel of the 16th reducer from a shaft, take out an anchor shaft support, and then an anchor from the stator case.
Remove with drove planetary gear wheels 17. Take from a cover 1 shaft 18 assembled with the drive 23, with a support 21 and a gear wheel 19. Remove from the lever sealing laying 2 and an arm 3 levers.
For removal of the drive from a shaft remove the lock ring 25 located under a restrictive ring 24. Then, having removed a lock ring 22, it is possible to remove a support of 21 shaft of the drive, a sealing ring 20 and a gear wheel 19.
For dismantling of the traction relay unscrew screws of fastening of its cover and unsolder conclusions of windings from the plug "50" and from the tire fixed on lower contact to a bolt of the traction relay.
After dismantling blow starter details (except reducer details) compressed air and wipe.
Assembly of a starter is carried out as it should be the return to dismantling.
Before assembly oil engine a drive gear wheel, screw vents of a shaft of the drive and inserts of covers and support of shaft. Grease gear wheels of a reducer with jellied Litol-24 lubricant.