7.4.2. Features of the device

The starter of type 5712.3708 is an electric motor of a direct current with excitement from permanent magnets, with a planetary reducer and with the electromagnetic dvukhobmotochny traction relay.
Four permanent magnets are fixed in the case of the stator. The shaft of an anchor rotates in two ceramic-metal inserts established in a cover and a support. Rotation from a shaft of an anchor is transmitted to a drive shaft through a planetary reducer. Planetary gear wheels rotate on needle bearings. The forward end of a shaft of the drive rotates in the ceramic-metal plug pressed in a coupling case.

Fig. 7.15. Scheme of connections of a starter: 1 – starter; 2 – rechargeable battery; 3 – generator; 4 – assembly block; 5 – ignition switch; P1 – the involving winding of the traction relay; P2 – the holding winding of the traction relay

The scheme of connections of a starter is shown in fig. 7.15. At inclusion of a starter tension from the rechargeable battery via the switch of ignition moves on both windings of the traction relay of a starter (the involving P1 and the holding P2). After short circuit of contacts of the traction relay the involving winding is disconnected.