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7.3.5. Repair of the generator

Dismantling of the generator

Детали генератора
Fig. 7.13. Generator details: 1 – pulley; 2 – washer; 3 – forward cover; 4 – remote ring; 5 – rotor; 6 – stator; 7 – back cover; 8 – casing; 9 – the vypryamitelny block with the condenser; 10 – the brush holder with tension regulator

Remove a casing of 8 (fig. 7.13), having wrung out latches by which it is connected to a back cover. Unscrew fastening screws to a back cover of the brush holder 10 assembled with the regulator of tension and remove it. Disconnect a wire from a conclusion of "D+" of the regulator of tension.
Remove the vypryamitelny block with the condenser from a back cover for what unscrew screws of fastening of phase conclusions of a winding of the stator and the screw of fastening of the condenser to a cover. After that, if necessary, it is possible to disconnect the condenser from the vypryamitelny block, having turned off a nut of fastening of a wire of the condenser to a conclusion of "B+" of the vypryamitelny block.
Turn out four coupling screws and disconnect a back cover 7 with the stator 6 from a forward cover 3 with a rotor 5. Disconnect the stator from a back cover. If necessary take out from a back cover the plug with the back bearing of a shaft of a rotor.
Clamp a rotor in a vice and a face key turn off a nut of fastening of a pulley 1. Remove from a rotor shaft a pulley, a washer 2, a forward cover and a remote ring 4.
The generator in the sequence, the return dismantling gathers. The spring washer of a pulley the convex party has to adjoin to a nut. A nut of a pulley tighten the moment of 38,22-61,74 N · m (3,93–6,3 kgfs · м).
Replacement of the regulator of tension or brushes
Tension regulator assembled with the brush holder is non-demountable knot. Therefore if the regulator of tension failed or brushes (act from the brush holder less, than on 5 mm) wore out, all knot is replaced entirely.
Replacement of bearings of a rotor
The forward bearing of a shaft of a rotor is pressed and завальцован in a forward cover. Therefore in case of an exit it out of operation needs to be replaced a forward cover assembled with the bearing.
The back bearing напрессован on a rotor shaft. For replacement it is necessary to remove a stripper the bearing from a shaft of a rotor and on the press to napressovat the new bearing.
Replacement of additional diodes
For replacement unsolder conclusions of the damaged diode and accurately take it from the plastic holder, without allowing sharp blows to the vypryamitelny block. Then clear a diode installation site of the epoxy remains, establish and solder the new diode.
Solder a diode conclusion with a color tag to the general tire. After a pripayka paste the diode case to the holder epoxy.
Adjustment of a tension of a belt of the drive of the generator

Проверка натяжения ремня привода генератора
Fig. 7.14. Check of a tension of a belt of the drive of the generator: 1 – top arm of the generator; 2 – nut; 3 – adjusting bolt; 4 – generator; 5 – a bolt of hinged fastening of the generator to the lower arm; 6 – belt; 7 – the leading pulley on cranked to a shaft; A — a belt deflection

The normal deflection And (fig. 7.14) of a belt has to be within 6–8 mm at effort of 98 N (10 kgfs). For increase in a tension of a belt make the following:
– release a nut 2 fastenings of the generator to the top arm 1 and a nut of a bolt of the 5th hinged fastening of the generator;
– rotation of an adjusting bolt 3 displace the generator from the engine aside;
– turn a bent shaft on two turns and check a belt tension;
– upon termination of adjustment tighten nuts of fastening of the generator.
Avoid an excessive tension of a belt not to cause the raised load of generator bearings.