7.3.2. Features of the device

The generator of 94.3701 type of alternating current, three-phase, with the built-in vypryamitelny block and the electronic regulator of tension, the right rotation (from the drive).
Схема соединений системы генератора
Fig. 7.6. Scheme of connections of system of the generator: 1 – rechargeable battery; 2 – generator; 3 – assembly block; 4 – the control lamp of a charge of the rechargeable battery located in a combination of devices; 5 – ignition switch

The scheme of connections of the generator is shown in fig. 7.6. Tension for excitement of the generator at inclusion of ignition is brought to a conclusion of "D+" of the regulator (a conclusion of the "D" generator) through the control lamp 4 located in a combination of devices. After launch of the engine the winding of excitement eats from three additional diodes installed on the vypryamitelny block of the generator.
Conclusion of "W" of the generator on cars of the VAZ-2115 family is not used.
Operation of the generator is controlled by a control lamp in a combination of devices. At inclusion of ignition the lamp has to burn, and after launch of the engine — to die away if the generator is serviceable. Bright burning of a lamp or a luminescence in half-heat tells it about malfunctions.

"Minus" of the rechargeable battery always has to connect to weight, and "plus" – to be connected to a clip of "B+" of the generator. Wrong return turning on of the battery will immediately cause the raised current via gates of the generator and they will be damaged.
Operation of the generator with the disconnected rechargeable battery is not allowed. It will cause emergence of short-term retension on a clip "In +" the generator which can damage the regulator of tension of the generator and electronic devices in onboard network of the car.
Check of operability of the generator "on a spark" even by short-term connection of a clip "In +" the generator with a weight is forbidden. At the same time via gates considerable current proceeds and they are damaged. It is possible to check the generator only by means of the ampermeter and the voltmeter.
Gates of the generator are not allowed to be checked more than 12 in or the megohm meter as it has tension, too high for gates, and they when checking will be punched (there will be a short circuit).
Check of an electrical wiring of the car is forbidden by the megohm meter or the lamp fed more than 12 V. If such check is necessary, then previously it is necessary to disconnect wires from the generator.
It is necessary to check resistance of isolation of a winding of the stator of the generator the increased tension only at the stand and it is obligatory with the conclusions of phase windings disconnected from gates.
At electric welding of knots and details of a body of the car it is necessary to disconnect wires from all plugs of the generator and the rechargeable battery