7.11.2. Check of the block of indication of the onboard control system

The block can be in one of five modes:
– it is switched off;
– the waiting mode;
– preliminary control of signaling devices (testing);
– preliminary control of parameters (condition of sensors);
– control of parameters during the operation of the engine.
When opening any door of the car the block has to include illumination of salon.
The mode "is switched off"
When the key is not inserted into the ignition switch, the block is in the mode "is switched off".
The waiting mode
After insertion of a key in the ignition switch the block passes into "the waiting mode" and remains in it so far the key in the switch of ignition is in situation 0 ("Is switched off").
If in this mode the driver's door is open, then there is a malfunction "The forgotten key in the ignition switch", and the sound signaling device begins to give a faltering sound signal during (8±2) pages. The signal has to be disconnected if to close a door, or to take out a key from the ignition switch, or to turn a key in other situation.
This mode joins after turn of a key in the ignition switch in situation I ("Ignition"). At the same time has to join on (4±2) about a sound signaling device and all LED signaling devices for check of their serviceability.
Malfunctions on sensors of levels are at the same time controlled and their state is remembered. Before the end of testing the alarm system of a condition of sensors is not made.
Preexit control of parameters
After the end of testing the pause follows and the block passes into the mode of preexit control of parameters. At the same time the alarm system of malfunctions (if they are) is made on the following algorithm:
– LED signaling devices of those parameters which went beyond norm begin to blink during (8±2) with then begin to burn constantly before turn of a key in the ignition switch in situation "0" ("Is switched off");
– at the same time and synchronously with LED signaling devices the sound signaling device which is disconnected through (8±2) pages joins.
Control of parameters during the operation of the engine
The block passes into this last mode after the termination of the previous mode. At the same time control of parameters of sensors of levels stops and made control only of other parameters.
If in the course of the movement there is a malfunction, then the alarm system repeats on the algorithm given for the Preexit Control of Parameters mode.
If during the sound and LED alarm system to transfer a key in the switch of ignition to situation "0" It ("is switched off"), then sound and light alarm systems have to be switched-off.
At emergence of malfunctions like "Wear of brake shoes" or "Burn-out of filaments of lamps" there has to be a storing of malfunction until the end of a trip [before turn of a key in situation "0" ("Is switched off")].
If during (8±2) since later beginning of the light and sound alarm system there are one more or several signals "Malfunction", then the blinking light indication has to light up equal light, and light indication of again arrived signals has to join on the described algorithm.