7.11.1. Features of the device

Fig. 7.1. Scheme of electric equipment of the VAZ-2115-20 cars (left half): 1 – block headlights; 2 – fog lights; 3 – air temperature sensor; 4 – engine cooling system fan electric motor; 5 – the blocks connected to a plait of wires of system of ignition; 6 – switch of a podkapotny lamp; 7 – a block for connection to a sound signal of single-wire type; 8 – sound signal; 9 – the sensor of level of the washing liquid; 10 – sensors of wear of blocks of forward brakes; 11 – oil level sensor; 12 – generator; 13 – podkapotny lamp; 14 – sensor of the index of temperature of cooling liquid; 15 – starter; 16 – rechargeable battery; 17 – relay of inclusion of fog lights; 18 – sensor of level of cooling liquid; 19 – sensor of level of brake fluid; 20 – backing light switch; 21 – motor-reducer of screenwash; 22 – sensor of a control lamp of pressure of oil; 23 – a block for connection to the electric motor of a washer of back glass; 24 – windshield washer electric motor; 25 – combination of devices; 26 – assembly block. Conditional numbering of plugs in blocks: And — blocks of block headlights; In — an electrogasoline pump block; With — blocks of the assembly block, the switch of ignition, a motor-reducer of screenwash; D — a plafond of illumination of salon

The block contains the electronic scheme of management with a sound signaling device and 7 LED signaling devices: insufficient level of oil, insufficient level of the washing liquid, the insufficient level of cooling liquid, open doors, faulty lamps of external lighting, wear of slips at blocks of forward brakes and not fastened seat belts. Addresses of plugs of the block are given in tab. 7.13. The order of conditional numbering of plugs of the block is similar to an order of numbering of plugs in blocks of a combination of devices (see fig. 7.1).

Table 7.13   of the Address of output plugs of the block of indication of the onboard control system
Number of the plug
Address (appointment) of the plug
To F16 safety lock (to the ignition switch 15 plug)
Case ("weight")
To the relay of control of serviceability of lamps
To the ignition switch microswitch
To a plafond
To the sensor of doors of passengers
To the oil level sensor
To the sensor of level of cooling liquid
To the sensor of level of the washing liquid
To the sensor of not fastened belts
To the sensor of wear of brake shoes
To the sensor of a door of the driver