7.1.3. Ignition switch

The switch of ignition is used type 2110-3704005 or KZ-881 with the anti-theft locking device, with illumination of a nest and with blocking against repeated inclusion of a starter without preliminary switching off of ignition.
The majority of products of electric equipment works at the switched-on ignition switch. Irrespective of the switch of ignition work: the alarm system driving beam of headlights, a stoplight, external lighting, plafonds of illumination of salon and individual illumination, the alarm system, a sound signal and the plug socket for a portable lamp.

Схема соединений выключателя зажигания (при вставленном ключе). У выключателя зажигания KZ-881 вместо лампы накаливания применяется светодиод
Fig. 7.5. The scheme of connections of the switch of ignition (at the inserted key). At KZ-881 ignition switch instead of the glow lamp the light-emitting diode is applied

At the switch of ignition correctness of short circuit of contacts at various provisions of a key (tab. 7.3) is checked and operation of the anti-theft device. Tension from the rechargeable battery and the generator is brought to contact of "30" (fig. 7.5).

Table 7.3   the Included chains at various provisions of a key
Provision of a key
Contacts energized
The included chains
0 It (is switched off)
1 (Ignition)
System of ignition, excitement of the generator, headlight, turn alarm system, control devices, cleaners and washers of a windshield and headlights, heater fan electric motor, heating of back glass, lighter
II (Starter)
See Situation I