6.8.1. Removal and installation


Fig. 6.25. Brake drum: 1 – the directing pin; 2 – brake drum; And — the carving opening used for removal of a drum

Lift a back part of the car and remove a wheel. Remove the brake drum, having turned off the directing pins of 1 (fig. 6.25), and then having wrapped them in carving openings And to office of a drum.

Fig. 6.7. Brake mechanism of a back wheel: 1 – nut of fastening of a nave; 2 – wheel nave; 3 – lower coupling spring of blocks; 4 – brake shoe; 5 – the directing spring; 6 – wheel cylinder; 7 – top coupling spring; 8 – razzhimny level; 9 – finger of the lever of the drive of the parking brake; 10 – lever of the drive of the parking brake; 11 – board of the brake mechanism

Fig. 6.26. Details of the brake mechanism of a back wheel: 1 – board of the brake mechanism; 2 – wheel cylinder; 3 – top coupling spring of blocks; 4 – brake shoe; 5 – overlay of a block; 6 – brake drum; 7 – adjusting pin; 8 – the directing spring; 9 – lower coupling spring

Having weakened a cable of the drive of the parking brake system, disconnect from the lever 10 (see fig. 6.7) a cable tip, remove the forelock, press a finger 9 and remove the lever 10. Remove the directing springs of 8 (fig. 6.26) of blocks, disconnect top 3 and lower the 9th coupling springs of blocks and remove blocks.
Having taken the measures which are not allowing leak of liquid from the main cylinder, disconnect a tube of a supply of brake fluid from the wheel cylinder and muffle entrance openings of the cylinder and a tube. Remove the wheel cylinder.
When replacing a board of a brake, turn off bolts of its fastening to a flange of an axis of a back wheel and remove a board.
You carry out installation of details of the brake mechanism to the sequences, the return to removal, taking into account the following:
– after installation of blocks on a brake board, be convinced that the ends of blocks correctly settled down in grooves of an emphasis of pistons of the wheel cylinder and on a basic plate;
– before installation of the reel grease with graphite lubricant or LSTs-15 lubricant a landing corbel and a privalochny surface of a nave.
After assembly of brake mechanisms press a brake pedal 2–3 times with effort 39,2 N (40 kgfs) for installation of pistons into position. Then check ease of rotation of a wheel (the easy zadevaniye of a drum about blocks is allowed). Adjust the parking brake system.