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6.7.2. Dismantling and assembly

Fig. 6.20. Otvorachivaniye of a bolt of fastening of the cylinder: 1 – bolts of fastening of the cylinder; 2 – cylinder; 3 – the bolts which are pulling together the cylinder with a support

Fig. 6.21. Details of the brake mechanism of a forward wheel: 1 – wheel cylinder; 2 – the union for pumping of the drive of a brake; 3 – sealing ring; 4 – piston; 5 – protective cap; 6 – lock ring; 7 – support; 8 – guide of blocks; 9 – brake shoes; 10 – protective cover; 11 – the directing finger; 12 – a bolt of fastening of the directing finger; 13 – brake hose; 14 – a bolt of fastening of the cylinder to a support

Disconnect a hose from the wheel cylinder 2 of fig. 6.20). Raskontrite also turn off bolts of 1 fastening of the wheel cylinder to the directing fingers, holding with a key for sides the directing finger. Remove a guide of 8 (fig. 6.21) of blocks assembled with fingers. Remove brake shoes 9.

Fig. 6.22. Pushing out of the piston from the cylinder

Remove a lock ring 6 (see fig. 6.21) and a protective cap 5 from the cylinder and the piston. Accurately, forcing a stream of compressed air through an inlet opening for liquid, push out the piston from the cylinder. That at pushing out not to damage the piston about a support surface, establish a wooden slip (fig. 6.22) under the piston.
Turn out from the cylinder case the union for pumping and attentively examine the working surface of the cylinder. On it there should not be zadir, damages and corrosion.
You carry out assembly of the brake mechanism to the sequences, the return dismantling. At the same time the sealing ring 3 (see fig. 6.21) and a cap 5 is recommended to be replaced new. Grease a cylinder mirror, the piston 4 and a sealing ring with brake fluid, and apply graphite lubricant or lubricant on the surface of the piston Ditor, install the piston in the cylinder and, without deleting the lubricant remains, put on a protective cap 5 so that its edges were included into a flute of the piston and cylinder then establish a lock ring 6. Grease the directing fingers with UNIOL-1 lubricant (1,5 g on each finger). Tighten bolts of fastening of a support and the cylinder to fingers the moments specified in the appendix 1 then to their zakontrita. Before a zavertyvaniye of bolts apply on them sealant that a carving part of connection did not korrodirovat. After assembly and installation of the brake mechanism restore liquid level in a tank and pump over system of a hydraulic actuator.