6.7.1. Removal and installation

Lift a forward part of the car and, having established on supports, remove a wheel. Unscrew the union of the pipeline and disconnect a flexible hose from the highway; muffle openings of a hose and a tube not to allow leak of brake fluid. Take out a hose from the directing arm.
Having turned off two bolts which the guide of blocks fastens to a rotary fist, remove a guide assembled with a support and the working cylinder.
Installation of the brake mechanism is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal. After installation restore the level of brake fluid in a tank and pump over system of a hydraulic actuator for removal of air.

Fig. 6.20. Otvorachivaniye of a bolt of fastening of the cylinder: 1 – bolts of fastening of the cylinder; 2 – cylinder; 3 – the bolts which are pulling together the cylinder with a support

It is impossible to turn off bolts 3 (see fig. 6.20), the support and the cylinder connecting among themselves, except cases of replacement of a support or the cylinder.