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6.6.1. Removal and installation

At a detachment of pipelines pay attention to their situation that at installation to attach them to the same nests. Pereputyvaniye of pipelines inadmissibly.


Привод регулятора давления
Fig. 6.3. Pressure regulator drive: 1 – pressure regulator; 2, 16 – bolts of fastening of the regulator of pressure; 3 – pressure regulator drive lever arm; 4 – pin; 5 – pressure regulator drive lever; 6 – pressure regulator drive lever axis; 7 – lever spring; 8 – body arm; 9 – arm of fastening of the regulator of pressure; 10 – elastic lever of the drive of the regulator of pressure; 11 – earring; 12 – earring bracket; 13 – washer; 14 – lock ring; 15 – arm finger; And, In, With — openings

To disconnect the elastic lever 10 (see fig. 6.3) pressure regulator drive from the lever of a back suspension bracket for what remove from a finger the 15th lock ring 14, a washer 13, and then an earring 11.
Disconnect pipelines from pressure regulator, without allowing leak of brake fluid.
Turn off nuts of fastening of an arm of the regulator of pressure to a body and remove an arm assembled with the regulator of pressure and levers of its drive.
Installation of the regulator of pressure is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.