6.5.2. Dismantling and assembly

Fig. 6.14. Details of the main cylinder: 1 – cylinder case; 2 – sealing ring of low pressure; 3 – contour drive piston "left forward-right back brakes"; 4 – expansion ring; 5 – sealing ring of high pressure; 6 – clamping spring of a sealing ring; 7 – plate of a spring; 8 – returnable spring of the piston; 9 – washer; 10 – lock screw; 11 – contour drive piston "right forward-left back brakes"; 12 – sealing laying

If necessary remove a tank from the main cylinder for what with effort incline it sideways. Having turned out lock screws 10 (fig. 6.14), consistently take out all details.
You carry out assembly of the cylinder to the sequences, the return dismantling. At the same time grease all details with brake fluid. Laying 12 under lock screws is recommended to be replaced new.

Time of washing of sealing rings in isopropyl alcohol has to be no more than 20 with and then the purge air is necessary.