6.5.1. Removal and installation

Disconnect pipelines from the main cylinder and a block with wires from plugs of the sensor of emergency level of brake fluid. Close openings at pipelines and the main cylinder to prevent leak of liquid and hit in them of dust, dirt.

Fig. 6.13. Fastening of the vacuum amplifier and main cylinder: 1 – nut of fastening of the main cylinder; 2 – nut of fastening of an arm of the vacuum amplifier

Remove the cylinder assembled with a tank, having turned off nuts 1 (see fig. 6.13) its fastenings to the vacuum amplifier. Remove the sensor of emergency level of brake fluid and merge from a tank and from the cylinder brake fluid. It is not recommended to remove a tank from the main cylinder if in it there is no need.
You carry out installation of the main cylinder to the sequences, the return to removal. After installation of the cylinder pump over system of a hydraulic actuator of brakes for removal of air.