6.4.1. Removal and installation

At removal of the amplifier the main cylinder of a hydraulic actuator of brakes is not disconnected from a hydraulic system that air did not get to it.
Removal order:
– disconnect a pusher of the vacuum amplifier from a pedal;

Крепление вакуумного усилителя и главного цилиндра
Fig. 6.13. Fastening of the vacuum amplifier and main cylinder: 1 – nut of fastening of the main cylinder; 2 – nut of fastening of an arm of the vacuum amplifier

– turn off nuts of 1 (fig. 6.13) of fastening of the main cylinder to the amplifier, remove it from hairpins and take aside, carefully bending pipelines not to damage them;
– disconnect a hose from the amplifier;
– turn off the nuts 2 fixing an arm of the vacuum amplifier to the amplifier of an arm and remove the vacuum amplifier assembled with an arm. Then disconnect the vacuum amplifier from an arm.
You carry out installation of the vacuum amplifier upside-down. Dismantling of the vacuum amplifier is not allowed.