6.3.4. Adjustment of the parking brake system

If the parking brake system does not hold the car on a bias of 25% when moving the lever of 4–8 teeth of the sector, adjust system in the following order:

Fig. 6.9. Drive of the parking brake system: 1 – button of fixing of the lever; 2 – lever of the drive of the parking brake; 3 – protective cover; 4 – draft; 5 – cable equalizer; 6 – adjusting nut; 7 – lock-nut; 8 – cable; 9 – cable cover

– weaken a lock-nut 7 (see fig. 6.9) the tension device and, wrapping an adjusting nut 6, pull a cable;
– check a full speed of the lever 2 which has to be 2–4 teeths on the sector, then tighten a lock-nut.
Having executed several braking, be convinced that the course of the lever did not change, and wheels rotate freely, without prikhvatyvaniye at completely lowered lever 2.