6.3.1. Check of pipelines and connections

For the prevention of sudden failure of the brake system carefully check a condition of all pipelines and connections, paying attention to the following:
– metal pipelines should not have забоин, scratches, natir, the active centers of corrosion and have to be located far from sharp edges which can damage them;
– brake hoses should not have cracks visible with the naked eye on an external cover and mastication traces; on them the mineral oils and lubricants dissolving rubber should not get; strong pressing a pedal of a brake check whether will appear on the hoses of swelling demonstrating their destruction;
– all brackets of fastening of pipelines have to be whole and are well tightened; weakening of fastening or destruction of brackets leads to the vibration of pipelines causing them breakages;
– leak of liquid from connections of the main cylinder with a tank is not allowed and from unions, if necessary replace plugs of a tank and tighten nuts, without subjecting deformation pipelines.
When tightening nuts of pipelines use a key 67.7812.9525.
Eliminate the found malfunctions, replacing the damaged details new.
Irrespective of their state, replace flexible hoses new after 125000 km of a run or after five years of operation of the car to warn sudden gaps owing to aging.