6.10.1. Removal and installation


Fig. 6.29. Details of the parking brake system: 1 – the lever of the drive of the parking brake assembled with an arm; 2 – draft axis; 3 – protective cover; 4 – lock bracket; 5 – draft; 6 – cable equalizer; 7 – washer; 8 – adjusting nut; 9 – lock-nut; 10 – cable; 11 – cable cover; 12 – lever axis; 13 – lever of the manual drive of blocks; 14 – washer; 15 – razzhimny level of blocks

Install the lever 1 (fig. 6.29) in extreme lower situation, disconnect tips of cables 10 from levers 13 of the manual drive of blocks and from the equalizer 6 for what turn off from draft the 5th lock-nut 9 and an adjusting nut 8, then remove a washer 7 and the equalizer 6.
Having taken out the forelock and axis 12, remove a washer 14, the lever 13 and a razzhimny level of 15 blocks. Turn off nuts of fastening of an arm of the lever 1 to a body floor and remove it assembled with an arm.
You carry out installation of details of the parking brake system to the sequences, the return to removal, with the subsequent its adjustment (see the head "Adjustment of the parking brake system"). At installation grease with Litol-24 lubricant an axis of the lever of the parking brake, forward and back tips of a cable and the joint pin of draft.