6.1. Features of the device

Vacuum amplifier
Pressure regulator
The main cylinder with a consecutive arrangement of pistons
Brake mechanism of a forward wheel
Brake mechanism of a back wheel
The parking brake system with the mechanical drive
Sensor of emergency level of brake fluid

Схема гидропривода тормозов
Fig. 6.1. Scheme of a hydraulic actuator of brakes: 1 – brake mechanism of a forward wheel; 2 – contour pipeline "left forward-right back brakes"; 3 – main cylinder of a hydraulic actuator of brakes; 4 – contour pipeline "right forward-left back brakes"; 5 – tank of the main cylinder; 6 – vacuum amplifier; 7 – brake mechanism of a back wheel; 8 – elastic lever of the drive of the regulator of pressure; 9 – pressure regulator; 10 – pressure regulator drive lever; 11 – brake pedal; And — a flexible hose of a forward brake; In — a flexible hose of a back brake

On the car the working brake system with diagonal division of contours (fig. 6.1) is used that ensures high active safety of driving of the car. One contour of a hydraulic actuator ensures functioning right forward and left back brake mechanisms, another — left forward and right back.
At refusal of one of contours of the working brake system the second contour providing a car stop with sufficient efficiency is used.
The hydraulic drive switched on the vacuum amplifier 6 and the double-circuit regulator 9 of pressure of back brakes.
The parking brake system has the drive on brake mechanisms of back wheels.