6.1.7. Sensor of emergency level of brake fluid

Fig. 6.10. Sensor of emergency level of brake fluid: 1 – protective cap; 2 – sensor case; 3 – sensor basis; 4 – sealing ring; 5 – tightening ring; 6 – reflector; 7 – pusher; 8 – plug; 9 – float; 10 – motionless contacts; 11 – mobile contact

Mechanical type. The case 2 (fig. 6.10) of the sensor with a sealant 4 is drawn in to the basis by the 3rd tightening ring 5 which navertyvatsya on a tank mouth. At the same time to an end face of a mouth the flange of a reflector 6 is drawn in. In this situation the tightening ring is kept by two clamps executed on the basis of 3.
Through an opening of the basis there passes the pusher 7 connected to a float 9 by means of the plug 8. On a pusher the mobile contact 11, and on the sensor case — motionless contacts 10 is located. The cavity of contacts is pressurized by a protective cap 1.
At lowering of the level of brake fluid in a tank to maximum permissible the mobile contact falls by motionless contacts and closes a chain of a lamp of the alarm system on a guard of devices.