5.6.2. Assembly

Before assembly pay special attention to that shaving or other foreign matters did not get to a case of the steering mechanism.

Fig. 5.4. Details of the steering mechanism: 1 – lath plug ring; 2 – basic plug of a lath; 3 – case of the steering mechanism; 4 – roller bearing; 5 – driving gear wheel; 6 – ball bearing; 7 – lock ring; 8 – protective washer; 9 – sealing ring; 10 – bearing nut; 11 – lock washer; 12 – boot; 13 – lath; 14 – protective cap; 15 – lath emphasis; 16 – sealing ring; 17 – lock ring; 18 – emphasis nut; 19 – collar; 20 – protective cover; 21 – internal tip of steering draft; 22 – connecting plate; 23 – lock plate; 24 – bolt of fastening of thirst for a lath; And — a tag on a boot; In — a tag on a case

Napressuyte a mandrel 67.7853.9574 ball bearing 6 (see fig. 5.4) on a shaft of a driving gear wheel against the stop. 41.7853.4006 establish by a mandrel on a gear wheel shaft a lock ring 7, without allowing its distortion, then establish a protective washer 8 and a sealing ring 9.

Fig. 5.5. Installation of the basic plug of a lath: And — places of a section of a sealing ring after installation of the plug in a case of the steering mechanism.

Install the basic plug 2 in a case, watching that its ledges entered case openings. Before inserting the basic plug into a case, establish in its flutes the damping rings 1 so that a thin part of rings was opposite to a plug section. After installation of the basic plug in a case, cut rings on a plug contour, having removed the cut-off parts (fig. 5.5).

Fig. 5.6. Section of the steering mechanism assembled: 1 – protective cap; 2 – case of the steering mechanism; 3 – lath; 4 – driving gear wheel; 5 – internal tip of steering draft; 6 – expansion plug; 7 – bolt of fastening of steering draft; 8 – connecting plate; 9 – basic plug; 10 – support of the steering mechanism; 11 – basic plug of a lath; 12 – protective cover; 13 – collar; 14 – restrictive ring of a lath; 15 – sealing ring of an emphasis of a lath; 16 – nut; 17 – lath emphasis; 18 – roller bearing; 19 – ball bearing; 20 – lock ring; 21 – sealing ring of a nut; 22 – nut of fastening of the bearing of a gear wheel; 23 – boot; 24 – lock washer

Press under a press a mandrel 67.7853.9585 roller bearing in a case of the steering mechanism. Depth of a press fitting is 37,5–0,2 mm (fig. 5.6), under effort from 800 N (81,55 kgfs) to 6000 N (611,6 kgfs). Not to damage the bearing at a press fitting, the applied mandrel has to have the emphasis limiting press fitting depth.
Having plentifully greased lath teeths with FIOL-1 lubricant, and other its surfaces a thin layer of the same lubricant, establish a lath in a case 2, having advanced it via the basic plug 11 against the stop in special adaptation to sustain the size of (87±0,25) mm from a lath end face to a lath emphasis axis.
Apply on teeths of a driving gear wheel and put in the ball bearing FIOL-1 lubricant before emergence it at the top end face of the bearing. Then establish a gear wheel in a case so that the lyska on its shaft was turned to the right (on the car course) and press the bearing in a case against the stop. Maximum effort of a press fitting of the bearing of 1500 N (152,9 kgfs).
The total of lubricant for a lath, a driving gear wheel and the bearing has to be 20–30 g.
Key 67.7812.9536 tighten a nut of a driving gear wheel the moment (50+5) N · m (5±0,5) kgfs · m, establish a lock ring 11 (see fig. 5.4) and fill a cavity over a nut UNIOL-1 lubricant.
Establish a driving gear wheel in provision of the rectilinear movement of the car (is defined by the size (87±0,25) mm (see fig. 5.6).

Fig. 5.3. Check of a gap between an emphasis of a lath and a nut: 1 – punch; X — the control size

Establish an emphasis of a lath 15 (see fig. 5.4) with a sealing ring 16 against the stop in a lath (to a bezzazorny state). Establish a lock ring 17, a spring of an emphasis and tighten a key 67.7812.9537 nut the 18th moment of 11-14 N · m (1,12–1,37 kgfs · м). Load a lath with effort of P =500±20 N (51±2 kgfs) (fig. 5.3) at distance of 84 mm from a gear wheel axis towards a lath emphasis. Then release a nut on 2,5 divisions (30 °) to provide a gap to 0,12 mm between a nut and an emphasis of a lath, necessary for compensation of production admissions on production of details of the steering mechanism. The moment of an otvorachivaniye of a nut has to be not less than 4,5 N · m (0,45 kgfs · м). Then establish on a gear wheel shaft a boot 12 (see fig. 5.4) so that tags "And" both "In" on a boot and on a case coincided, and the boot densely lay down to a case end face. After that be convinced that the moment of rotation of a gear wheel in the field of all course lies within 50–200 N · cm (5,1–20,1 kgfs · l) with a frequency of rotation of 30 min.-1. If the moment of rotation of a gear wheel does not keep within the specified limits, establish and eliminate the reasons of jamming of details, paying special attention to a lath emphasis, a driving gear wheel and a lath. Then you zakernit a nut of the 18th emphasis in two opposite points by a case carving obmyatiya without impact on a nut. Mark the provision of a nut paint for control of provision of a nut.
Cover with a thin layer of FIOL-1 lubricant an external surface of a pipe of a case and establish into place a protective cover 12 (see fig. 5.6) so that its right end face was at distance of 28,5-0,5 mm from an end face of a pipe and fix it by collars. Then establish a support 10 so that she densely lay down to a cover. Fix steering thirsts for a lath. Bolts of the 7th fastening of drafts tighten the moment (77±7,8) N · m (7,8±0,8 kgfs · l) also you zakontrit them bending back of edges of a lock plate on a side of bolts.
After assembly be convinced that on a protective cover 12 there are no swellings and an overclamping at rotation of a gear wheel with a frequency of 30 min.-1, and the moment of rotation of a gear wheel (with the same frequency of rotation) in the field of all course is in limits of 60-170 N · cm (5,1–20,4 kgfs · cm). Otherwise remove the causes of the revealed defects. Check the moment of rotation of a gear wheel a dynamometer 02.7812.9501 with the transitional plug 67.7812.9540.