5.6.1. Dismantling

Clamp the steering mechanism in a vice with soft sponges or install it in the device 67.7820.9536 for carrying out razboro-assembly works.
Fig. 5.4. Details of the steering mechanism: 1 – lath plug ring; 2 – basic plug of a lath; 3 – case of the steering mechanism; 4 – roller bearing; 5 – driving gear wheel; 6 – ball bearing; 7 – lock ring; 8 – protective washer; 9 – sealing ring; 10 – bearing nut; 11 – lock washer; 12 – boot; 13 – lath; 14 – protective cap; 15 – lath emphasis; 16 – sealing ring; 17 – lock ring; 18 – emphasis nut; 19 – collar; 20 – protective cover; 21 – internal tip of steering draft; 22 – connecting plate; 23 – lock plate; 24 – bolt of fastening of thirst for a lath; And — a tag on a boot; In — a tag on a case

Take off a protective cap 14 (fig. 5.4) and, расконтрив bolts 24 fastenings of internal tips to a lath, turn out them and remove steering drafts 21, lock 23 and connecting 22 plates.
Remove the collars 19 fixing a protective cover 20 steering mechanisms, the right support, and then a cover of the 20th lath from a pipe of a case of the steering mechanism.
Key 67.7812.9537 with an octahedral head, turn off a nut of the 18th emphasis 15 and take a spring and a lock ring 17. Turning a gear wheel of the 5th lath counterclockwise against the stop of a restrictive ring in a case and, putting torque to a gear wheel shaft, shift an emphasis of the 15th lath. Special nippers with the round sponges inserted into deepening of an emphasis under a spring take a lath emphasis from a case.
Remove a boot 12 about gear wheels and a lock washer 11, a key 67.7812.9536 turn out a nut 10. Special adaptation take out a gear wheel from a case assembled with the ball bearing 6. Remove a protective washer 8, a lock ring 7 and press the ball bearing from a gear wheel shaft.
Take out a lath 13 steering mechanisms towards the removed protective cap 14, and then the basic plug 2 laths. At damage or wear of the roller bearing 4 to its vypressuyta from a case of the steering mechanism a stripper 67.7801.9535.
Check of technical condition. Wash out cavities of a case of the steering mechanism and all metal details in kerosene. Wash out rubber details warm water and wipe.
Attentively examine whether is not present on working surfaces of a gear wheel 5 (see fig. 5.4) and laths of 13 wear tracks, zadir or рисок. Eliminate insignificant damages with a fine-grained grinding skin or a velvet file. Replace the worn-out and damaged details.
The ball bearing 6 has to rotate freely, without jammings, on a surface of rings and balls there should not be a wear and traces of jamming. Needles and a holder of the roller bearing 4 should not have wear and damages. At the slightest doubt replace bearings new.
Check a condition of a protective cover 20 and caps. If they have cracks, gaps and leaky landing on details, replace them new.
Check a condition of spherical hinges of steering drafts on an axial and radial gap. If the free wheeling in the spherical hinge is felt or dirt, sand got to it, and also at emergence of corrosion on a spherical finger and at full use of the course of a persistent insert — replace the hinge assembled with a draft tip.
Check a condition of rubber-metal hinges of tips of drafts. Replace the worn-out and damaged hinges.
Check a condition of the basic plug 2 laths and its landing in a case of the steering mechanism. Replace the damaged plug.
Check a condition of the elastic coupling of a shaft of a wheel, paying attention to durability of rivet connection, to a condition of vents at the lower flange and a condition of a rubber part of the coupling.
When weakening rivet connection replace rivets, at wear of vents — the lower flange. Cracks and stratifications on a rubber part of the coupling are not allowed, in these cases — replace it.
If the side play in rivet connection of the coupling cannot be eliminated with replacement of rivets, replace the elastic coupling assembled with a wheel shaft.
Replace sealing rings of an emphasis of a lath, a nut of the bearing of a driving gear wheel and rubber rings of the basic plug of a lath new irrespective of their technical condition. Also collars and lock washers 23 and 11 have single use.