5.4.1. Removal

Install the car on the elevator or a viewing ditch and execute the following operations:

Fig. 4.3. Vypressovka of a finger of the spherical hinge of steering draft from the rotary lever of a rack of a suspension bracket: 1 – rotary lever; 2 – spherical hinge of draft; 3 – stripper And. 47035

– lift a cowl of the car and, having turned out car wheels to the right (to the left), a rasshplintuyta of a nut of fingers of spherical hinges, then a vypressuyta fingers from rotary racks of a suspension bracket, using adaptation A. 47035 (see fig. 4.3);

Fig. 5.1. Steering: 1 – sharovy hinge of a tip of steering draft; 2 – rotary lever; 3 – tip of steering draft; 4 – lock-nut; 5 – draft; 6, 11 – internal tips of steering drafts; 7 – finger of the spherical hinge; 8 – protective cap; 9 – insert of a spherical finger; 10 – bolts of fastening of steering thirsts for a lath; 12 – bracket of fastening of the steering mechanism; 13 – support of the steering mechanism; 14 – connecting plate; 15 – protective cover; 16 – lock plate; 17 – case of the steering mechanism; 18 – coupling bolt; 19 – connecting elastic coupling; 20 – lath; 21 – basic plug of a lath; 22 – the damping ring; 23 – rubber-metal hinge; 24 – facing casing (top part); 25 – steering wheel; 26 – lever of adjustment of provision of a steering column; 27 – arm of fastening of a shaft of steering; 28 – facing casing (lower part); 29 – intermediate shaft of steering; 30 – protective cap; And — the surface of the case of the spherical hinge; In — the surface of the rotary lever

– working from salon of a body, turn off and remove a coupling bolt 18 (see fig. 5.1) a flange of the connecting coupling of a shaft of steering;
– remove a facing casing 24 and 28 steering columns;
– separate the plug socket of wires of switches and the switch of ignition;
– turn off bolts and nuts of fastening of a shaft of steering to an arm of a body and remove an arm 27 assembled with shaft and a steering wheel 25, stretching them in salon of a body;
– working from an engine compartment, turn off nuts of fastening of the brackets 12 fixing the steering mechanism to a body front;
– give the steering mechanism to a gear wheel exit from a body front opening forward;
– remove the steering mechanism assembled with drafts, stretching it towards the right wheel;