5.1.2. Steering drive

Consists of two steering drafts and rotary levers of 2 telescopic racks of a forward suspension bracket. Each steering draft consists of an internal tip 6 or 11, a tip 3 and tubular draft 5. Length of each draft changes tubular draft 5 which navertyvatsya on tips of drafts and kontritsya by nuts 4. In a head of an external tip details of the spherical hinge are located: insert 9, finger 7 and spring of an insert. Rotary levers 2 are welded on racks of a forward suspension bracket.
Fig. 5.2. Steering column assembled: 1 – lower flange of the elastic coupling; 2 – elastic coupling; 3 – intermediate shaft of steering; 4 – arm of fastening of a shaft of steering; 5 – top shaft of steering; 6 – ottyazhny spring; 7 – facing casing (lower part); 8 – lock ring; 9 – lever of adjustment of provision of a steering column; 10 – adjusting plug of the lever; 11 – expansion plug; 12 – coupling bolt; 13 – steering shaft arm pipe; 14 – holder of contact plates; 15 – nut of fastening of a steering wheel; 16 – steering wheel; 17 – facing casing (top part); 18 – steering shaft bearing; 19 – plug of a basic plate; 20 – expansion plug; 21 – crosspiece of the cardan hinge; With, E — windows of adjustment of provision of a steering column

The shaft of steering consists of the top shaft of 5 (fig. 5.2) and an intermediate shaft 3. The top and intermediate shaft are connected among themselves by the cardan hinge to a crosspiece 21. The intermediate shaft 3 fastens to a driving gear wheel of the steering mechanism via the elastic coupling 2 the lower flange 1. To the top shaft 5 the steering wheel the 16th nut 15 fastens. The top shaft is located on bearings 18 in a pipe 13. The arm 4 fastenings of a shaft of steering is fixed in four places to a body arm, and a forward part of an arm fastens two bolts with detachable heads, and a back part of an arm — nuts.
Arm 4 and a pipe 13 are connected among themselves pivotally by two plates by means of four bolts located in plastic plugs 19 and expansion plugs 20. At such connection the pipe 13 and a shaft 5 concerning an arm 4 have angular and axial movements which are limited to windows "C" and "E". For fixing of a pipe 13 concerning an arm 4 there is a lever 9.
In a nave of the lever 9 there are vents by means of which it connects to the adjusting plug 10. The plug 10 is located on a coupling bolt 12 which passes through cuts of the directing plates of a pipe 13 and an arm 4 (through windows "C" and "E"). At turn of the lever 9 fixing of a pipe 13 in an arm 4 is weakened down that allows to change a tilt angle of a steering column manually.