4.1.3. Definition of technical condition of details of a suspension bracket on the car

At each maintenance, and also at repair it is necessary to check surely a condition of protective covers of spherical hinges of a suspension bracket, paying special attention to lack of mechanical damages of covers.
Find out whether is not present on details of a suspension bracket of cracks or traces of a zadevaniye against road obstacles or a body, deformations of cross levers, extensions, a bar of the stabilizer and its racks and details of a front of a body in places of fastening of knots and details of a suspension bracket. Deformation of details of a suspension bracket and first of all extensions and details of a front of a body breaks the angles of installation of wheels and results in impossibility of their adjustment.
Check a condition of rubber-metal hinges, rubber pillows, spherical hinges of a suspension bracket, and also a condition of the top support of telescopic racks of a suspension bracket.
Rubber-metal hinges, rubber pillows and the top support of telescopic racks are subject to replacement at gaps and unilateral "vypuchivaniye" of rubber and when cutting their face surfaces.

Fig. 4.1. Forward suspension bracket assembled: 1 – top support of a telescopic rack; 2 – top basic cup; 3 – the compression course buffer with the protection cover; 4 – compression buffer support; 5 – suspension bracket spring; 6 – lower basic cup of a spring; 7 – spherical hinge of steering draft; 8 – rotary fist; 9 – telescopic rack; 10 – eccentric washer; 11 – adjusting bolt; 12 – rack arm; 13 – rotary fist; 14 – protection cover of a forward brake; 15 – disk of the brake mechanism; 16 – lock ring; 17 – wheel nave nut; 18 – shlitsevy wheel drive hinge case shaft; 19 – the directing pin; 20 – wheel bearing; 21 – spherical hinge; 22 – suspension bracket lever; 23 – adjusting washers; 24 – stabilizer rack; 25 – stabilizer bar; 26 – stabilizer bar pillow; 27 – arm of fastening of a bar of the stabilizer; 28 – a body arm for fastening of the lever of a suspension bracket; 29 – suspension bracket lever extension; 30 – arm of fastening of an extension; 31 – protective cover of a spherical finger; 32 – bearing of a spherical finger; 33 – spherical finger; 34 – case of a spherical finger; 35 – suspension bracket rack rod; 36 – external case of the top support; 37 – internal case of the top support; 38 – bearing of the top support; 39 – rubber element of the top support; 40 – limiter of the course of the top support; 41 – protective cap of the top support; In — a zone for control of the hinge of a suspension bracket

For check of a condition of the spherical hinge of a suspension bracket remove a wheel and measure distance between the lower lever 22 (see fig. 4.1) and the protection cover 14 in a zone B If when rocking a suspension bracket it is distance changes more than on 0,8 mm, replace the spherical hinge. More exact check of the spherical hinge is described in the head "Check of technical condition".
For measurement of a gap in the spherical hinge on the car use adaptation 02.7834.9503.