3.3.2. Removal and installation

Install the car on the elevator or a viewing ditch and execute the following operations on both sides of the car:
– take off a cap of a wheel and turn off a nut of fastening of a nave on the case of the external hinge;
– weaken bolts of fastening of a forward wheel, you will hang out a forward part of the car and remove a forward wheel;
– disconnect the spherical hinge of the lever of a suspension bracket from a rotary fist, having turned off bolts of its fastening;
– having taken aside a telescopic rack of a forward suspension bracket, take out from a nave shlitsevy a shaft of the 18th external hinge, using adaptation 67.7823.9544;
– merge oil from the transmission;
– a stripper 67.7801.9524 or the hammer through a drift beat out the case of the internal hinge from an opening of a semi-axial gear wheel;
– remove the wheel drive.

Not to damage the hug bearing of a forward wheel, it is not allowed to put loading (to opirat the car on a wheel, to roll the car, etc.) to a nave at the removed drive of a forward wheel and at not tightened nut of fastening of a nave.

Installation of the drive of a wheel is carried out to the sequences, the return dismantling. At the same time surely replace a lock ring of the case of the internal hinge not to allow spontaneous separation of the drive of a wheel and a semi-axial gear wheel. For this purpose center a lock ring concerning a shaft of the case of the internal hinge, using jellied lubricant. Then install the hinge case in a semi-axial gear wheel, putting axial effort to a wheel drive shaft. Then be once again convinced of safety of a protective cover.
In need of replacement of an epiploon of the case of the internal hinge (half shaft) use a mandrel 67.7853.9562. After installation of the drive of wheels fill in oil in the transmission.