3.2.5. Assembly of the transmission

You carry out assembly of the transmission to the sequences, the return dismantling. At the same time consider the following:
– before fixing the hinge of draft and the lever on a rod of the choice of transfers, degrease carving openings in the case of the hinge and in a lever nave, and also fastening screws, apply special TV-1324 glue on a carving of screws and tighten them.

Screws of fastening of the lever and the hinge have the different length, a covering and the moments of an inhaling. The screw of fastening of the lever фосфатирован (dark color) 19,5 mm long, the moment of its inhaling of 33,3 N · m (3,4 kgfs · l), and the screw of fastening of the hinge — кадмирован (golden color), 24 mm long, the moment of its inhaling of 19,1 N · m (1,95 kgfs · м).

– before installation of epiploons of a main shaft and rod of the choice of transfers, and also a shaft of a fork of switching off of coupling grease with a thin layer of Litol-24 lubricant a working surface of epiploons and coupling switching off fork shaft plug SHRUS-4 lubricant;
– on outer diameter establish an epiploon of a main shaft, epiploons of drives and the case of an epiploon of a rod of the choice of transfers on liquid laying of KLT-75TM or TV-1215;
– after installation of a rod of the choice of transfers to a case of coupling check that the flange of a tip of the hinge entered in a cover flute on all perimeter;
– tighten fasteners the moments specified in the appendix 1;
– collect a secondary shaft in the sequence, the return dismantling, at the same time install synchronizers on a shaft in a collected state, a mandrel And. 70152, previously their heating to temperature of 100 °C and having replaced lock rings of naves of synchronizers new.
When cooling heated details jamming of the blocking rings on cones of gear wheels is possible. For an exception of it before installation of the heated synchronizer on a shaft between the blocking rings and end faces of gear wheels establish special laying of a bifurcate form which delete after cooling of details.

Fig. 3.17. Installation of the synchronizer I and II of transfers and the conducted gear wheel of the II transfer

At assembly of the synchronizer establish the blocking rings so that opposite to nave nests under springs of clamps ledges "And" (fig. 3.17) of smaller height, but not bigger settled down, otherwise after assembly transfers will not switch.
For simplification of installation of a clamp apply on its ball a little jellied lubricant, enclose it in a cracker and, having wrung out a spring the screw-driver towards its nest, establish into place a cracker assembled with a ball. At the same time opposite to a ball the nest (the largest depth) in the sliding coupling has to be located.
You carry out assembly of differential to the sequences, the return dismantling, previously having oiled semi-axial gear wheels and satellites. The axial gap of a gear wheel of a half shaft has to be no more than 0,4 mm, and the moment of resistance to rotation of gear wheels of differential should not exceed 10,0 N · m (1,0 kgfs · м). At the increased gap which is a sign of wear of details of differential, replace worn-out details new.
By mandrel to 67.7853.9565 napressuyta on a differential box internal rings of bearings, previously having established the leading gear wheel of the drive of a speedometer.
Having installed a coupling case on the stand for assembly of the transmission, a mandrel 67.7853.9563 press a rod epiploon in a nest, and then insert a rod of the choice of transfers into a case opening and fix on it the lever of the choice of transfers, previously having degreased a carving opening and the screw and having applied special TB-1324 glue on a screw carving.
Mandrel 67.7853.9574 press in coupling case nests external rings of roller bearings of primary and secondary shaft assembled with separators, and on shaft to a napressuyta internal rings of these bearings. Press external rings of bearings of differential a mandrel 67.7853.9575.
Install the mechanism of the choice of transfers, having convinced that the lever of a rod of the choice of transfers correctly reached the position concerning the lever of the mechanism of the choice of transfers. Fix the mechanism of the choice of transfers.
Press an epiploon in a coupling case on depth of (4,2±0,2) mm from a case end face so that the working edge of an epiploon settled down on the polished shaft corbel.
Establish differential in a case. That semi-axial gear wheels at assembly were not displaced from seats, record one of them from a coupling case the technological mandrel or a cap applied when transporting the transmission.

Fig. 3.18. Installation of rods and forks of gear shifting

Establish at the same time primary and secondary shaft assembled with gear wheels. Then establish an axis with a backing gear wheel, at the same time you watch that the fork of a backing entered a groove of an intermediate gear wheel. Then establish rods of gear shifting and fix forks on rods (fig. 3.18).
Establish the cleared magnet in a case nest.
Establish laying between a case of coupling and a case of the transmission, or instead of laying, on all perimeter of a case of coupling, transmissions from a back cover put liquid laying of KLT-75M or TV-1215 with the continuous roller with a diameter of 2 mm.
Pick up an adjusting ring of bearings of differential, as shown below (see subsection. "Selection of an adjusting ring of bearings of differential").
Establish the picked-up adjusting ring in a transmission case nest and a mandrel 67.7853.9575 press an external ring of the roller conic bearing of differential.
Install into place the speedometer drive.
Establish a case of the transmission on a coupling case and fix it by nuts. Establish adjusting rings in flutes of bearings of primary and secondary shaft.
Establish a persistent plate and, having replaced gear washers new, wrap screws of fastening of a plate.
Establish into place clamps of rods and a fork of a backing. Establish laying and wrap traffic jams of clamps of rods and a fork of a backing.
After installation screw nuts on primary and secondary shaft of details of the V transfer and tighten them a dynamometer key then fuller nuts. Length of a zachekanka has to be 3,5–4 mm and should not pass to a shaft carving. At a wraparound of nuts on shaft stop a main shaft adaptation 41.7816.4070.