3.2.4. Check of technical condition of details

Before survey clear transmission details. Remove with a brush or a scraper all deposits and clear openings and vents of possible pollution, then wash out also to an obduyta a stream of compressed air. Especially well blow bearings, directing a stream of compressed air so that there was no bystry rotation of rings.
Coupling case, transmission case, cover
On cases of the transmission and coupling there should not be cracks, chips, and on the surface of boring for bearings — wear or damages. On the surfaces of the socket of cases of coupling and the transmission there should not be dents, рисок and other damages which can lead to loss of tightness of knot.
Check a condition of a back cover and be convinced that the cover surface adjoining to a transmission case has no damages.
Eliminate small damages of surfaces with a grinding skin. At assembly grease the damaged places with the sealant applied to the engine (see. "Dismantling and assembly of a head of cylinders"). Make sure that сапун in a case of coupling is in operating state, it is not polluted and the rubber cap of a sapun has no cracks and gaps. If details are strongly damaged or worn-out — replace them new. Clear a magnet of particles of wear of details, replace it if the magnet has chips and cracks, lost magnetic properties.
Epiploons, sealing laying
Check epiploons and be convinced that on working edges there are no roughnesses and big wear. Wear of a working edge of an epiploon on width is allowed no more than 1 mm. Even at insignificant damage replace an epiploon new.
Sealing laying is recommended to be replaced new.
Check a condition of teeths of gear wheels of primary and secondary shaft and be convinced that teeths have no chips, забоин and wear.
Check a condition of landing corbels of shaft on which bearings are located. On them there should not be zadir and wear.
Vents and flutes of shaft should not have dents, zadir and wear too to provide bezzazorny landing of naves of couplings of synchronizers. With the defects complicating assembly of details without damages — replace a shaft new.
Gear wheels
At end faces of teeths of a wreath of the synchronizer should not be considerable a smyatiya or chips. The contact spot between teeths of gear wheels in gearing has to extend to all working surface of teeths; the specified surface of teeths should not have wear.
Ball, roller and needle bearings have to be in a perfect state. The radial gap of ball and roller bearings should not exceed 0,05 mm. On surfaces of balls, needles and rollers, and also on racetracks of rings of damage are not allowed. Replace the damaged bearings new. Needles and separators of needle bearings should not have damages and wear tracks.
Rods, forks
Wear of pads of forks and deformation of forks, rods and levers of the choice and gear shifting is not allowed. Rods have to move freely in openings of cases and in plugs.
The naves, couplings blocking rings of synchronizers
Check that naves had no damages, especially on the surfaces of sliding of couplings. Pay special attention to a condition of torets of teeths of couplings. There should not be an excessive wear of the blocking rings: at an axial gap between torets of the blocking ring and torets of a gear wreath of the synchronizer of a gear wheel of 0,6 mm and less replace rings new. Damages or traces of jamming on balls, springs and crackers are not allowed. Eliminate the possible roughnesses interfering free sliding of couplings and the blocking rings with a velvet file. Replace the details having damages and wear new.
Differential. Check a condition of a surface of an axis of satellites, semi-axial gear wheels, satellites and the spherical surface of a box of differential adjoining to them. Check a condition of landing corbels for bearings on a differential box.
At insignificant damages of surfaces eliminate roughnesses with a fine-grained skin, and at considerable — replace details new.
Mechanism of the choice and drive of gear shifting. Check a condition of the lever of the choice of transfers forward and a backing, the persistent plug and a washer, axes of the lever of the choice of transfers and blocking brackets. Replace the worn-out and damaged details.
Check a condition of a rod of the choice of transfers, fastening and a condition of the lever of the choice of transfers, a condition of an epiploon and a protective cover. Replace the worn-out and damaged details.
Check landing of the lever of gear shifting in a spherical support. The lever has to turn freely in a support, without jamming and should not have a free wheeling. There should not be notable side plays in the hinge connecting the switching lever to draft of the drive. Deformation of draft of the drive and damage of a protective cover is not allowed. Replace the deformed draft or correct.