3.1.2. Adjustment of the drive of coupling

Fig. 3.2. Coupling drive: 1 – coupling pedal; 2 – arm of fastening of the lower tip of a cover of a cable; 3 – cable cover; 4 – lower tip of a cover of a cable; 5 – nut; 6 – protective cover; 7 – cable lead; 8 – coupling switching off fork lever; 9 – ottyazhny spring of a pedal of coupling; 10 – cable; 11 – top tip of a cover of a cable; 12 – holder; 13 – lock brackets; 14 – axis of pedals; 15 – arm of pedals of coupling and brake; 16 – remote plug; 17 – coupling pedal plugs; 18 – brake pedal; And — a cable lead element; X — the coupling pedal course

Hod X (see fig. 3.2) pedals of coupling 1 has to be 125–135 mm. The course of a pedal is measured on the center of the platform of a pedal between the top provision of a pedal of coupling and the lower situation at its emphasis in a floor rug. At adjustment of the drive cover length 3 cables between a holder 12 changes and an arm 2, it occurs due to twisting or untwisting of nuts 5 on a tip 4; at increase in length of a cover 3 the coupling pedal course increases, at reduction of length of a cover — the course of a pedal of coupling decreases.
At operation of the car, owing to wear of overlays of the conducted disk, the course of a pedal of coupling increases (the pedal rises). The most admissible course of a pedal should not exceed 160 mm.
Adjustment order:
– consistently rotating nuts 5 on a tip 4, establish the course of a pedal of 125-135 mm;
– press a coupling pedal against the stop in a floor rug not less than three times and check pedal course size; if necessary adjust it nuts 5;
– tighten nuts the 5th moment of 14,7+4,9 N · m (1,5+0,5 kgfs · м).