2.8.1. Features of the device

Fig. 2.27. Main sizes of the block of cylinders (mm)

The main sizes of the block of cylinders are given in fig. 2.27.

Fig. 2.28. Marking of a dimensional class of cylinders on the block

Diameters of cylinders are broken into five classes through 0,01 mm designated by letters A, B, C, D, E. Klass of the cylinder is branded on the lower plane of the block of cylinders (fig. 2.28).
The possibility of boring of cylinders under the repair pistons increased on diameter by 0,4 and 0,8 mm is provided.

Fig. 2.18. Tags on covers of radical bearings. Count of covers is kept from the party of the drive of the camshaft

Covers of radical bearings are processed assembled with the block of cylinders. Therefore they are not interchanged and for distinction have risks on an external surface (see fig. 2.18).